Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tony Perkins, isn't it time to come clean regarding your continued support for pro-abort, pro-sodomy Romney?

From: "Conservatives For Truth" ad hoc group including Steven Deace, Gregg Jackson, Dr. Earle Fox, Phil Magnan, and John Haskins (see affiliations below) and others

Ninety-five legal authorities, social conservative leaders, writers and radio hosts and other public persons are listed below. Each affirms here (or has previously affirmed in their own words) some or all of the disturbing content of this letter. Signatures of countless state-level and grassroots leaders have not been listed in the interest of brevity.

Mr. Perkins, as President of one of the largest Christian pro-family organizations
in the country,The Family Research Council, you have repeatedly ignored former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's far left-wing record publicly claiming to donors that Romney is a "friend to the pro-family movement" and are featuring him as a speaker this coming weekend at the FRC "Values Voters Summit" in Washington D.C.

How can you reconcile your claim,Mr. Perkins, that Romney is a "friend to the pro-family movement" with his actual anti-family, anti-life record fully documented here?

1. Romney violated the state Constitution by usurping the Legislature's exclusive powers to suspend execution of the marriage statutes.
He ordered illegal alterations to the marriage certificates. Lacking any binding (or even enabling!) statute he ordered that these still legally void licenses be issued to homosexual couples. He falsely told America that the "judges somehow had legalized same sex marriage," in obvious contradiction of multiple parts of the state Constitution Romney had sworn to defend. Though he publicly admitted the four outlaw judges had violated the Constitution, bizarrely, Romney opposed citizens' efforts to remove the judges for issuing an obviously unconstitutional (therefore legally null and void) opinion, in arrogant violation of their sworn oaths of office.

2. Romney’s "signature" government mandated healthcare plan that was endorsed by Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood, established abortion, with a tax payer subsidized $50 co pay, as a
"healthcare benefit.” (AFTER HIS PURPORTED "PRO-LIFE CONVERSION"). Romney also created a permanent, official government role for an unelected Planned Parenthood representative on his healthcare board and no pro-life appointee. (Again, AFTER HIS PUPORTEDPRO-LIFE CONVERSION”).

3. Romney
increased government funding for anti-family, anti-morality homosexual propaganda starting in kindergarten, and refused to defend school children and parents’ rights against this indoctrination.

4. Romney
opposes a ban on homosexual boy scoutmasters and has stated that "I feel that all people should be allowed to participate in the Boy Scouts regardless of their sexual orientation." (Boston Globe, 10/27/1994).

5. Romney cited a non-existent state law to force Catholic Charities, the state's largest adoption and foster care agency, to provide children to homosexuals even when normal mother-father families were lined up to give them a home. Even former governor liberal Democrat Mike Dukakis pointed out that this "law" Romney was using was no "law," but merely an executive regulation that a governor can cancel with a stroke of his pen. Dukakis stated, "The state’s anti-discrimination statutes do not preclude an exemption for the Catholic organization.”

6. Romney is often portrayed as being a “fiscal conservative.” Yet his "signature" achievement as governor, his government run “universal” healthcare plan that was endorsed by Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and Planned Parenthood, has been a total failure according to the
Wall St. Journal, Boston Globe, and Cato Institute.

7. Romney increased taxes and fees by over $800 million which
devastated the Massachusetts economy. He also opposed the Bush Tax Cuts earning him praise from uber-liberal Barney Frank.

8. Romney supported McCain-Feingold “campaign finance reform”, McCain-Kennedy “comprehensive immigration reform” (i.e. amnesty), and parts of the McCain-Lieberman “carbon cap and trade” bill.

9. The so-called conservative governor from a liberal state that is wrapping himself around the flag as a culture warrior was rated the #8 RINO (Republican in Name Only) by the long-time conservative journal

Human Events on December 27, 2005.

10. The
Boston Globe reported on July 25, 2005 that Romney had passed over Republican lawyers for three-quarters of the 36 judicial vacancies he faced, instead nominating registered Democrats, Independents, and two open homosexuals. In fact, Romney only nominated 9 Republicans for judgeships in Massachusetts, but he did nominate 14 Democrats.

11. On June 6, 2007,
Romney said, "There are other ways to raise kids that's fine--single moms, grandparents raising kids, gay couples raising kids. That's the American way, to have people have their freedom of choice."

12. Romney criticized General Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, for saying homosexual acts are "immoral." Romney called Pace's March 2007 comments "inappropriate" and said we should "show more of an outpouring of tolerance."
Romney also said that "we, as a society, welcome people of all differences, whether there are differences in ethnicity, faith or sexual preference...."

13. On Meet The Press, December 16, 2007,
Romney told Tim Russert it "makes sense" for states to pass ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Mr. Perkins, again, we ask you, given Romney's far left wing record as documented here that you have seen on numerous occasions, but which we once again provide for you here, how can you continue to support and promote Romney as a "friend to the pro-family movement" to FRC members and donors?

Mr. Perkins, isn't it time for you to admit publicly what so many have known privately for quite a while now: That you have ignored and white-washed Mitt Romney's far left-wing record falsely portraying Romney as a "friend to the pro-family movement" in retrun for financial support from Romney and/or many of his surrogates?

The following attorneys, law professors and other holders of advanced degrees in law or constitutional theory are among the many who state here (or have previously stated in their own words) that Romney's claim that judges changed Massachusetts' marriage laws and he was "forced" or had legal authority to bypass the Legislature and violate the marriage statutes with his orders imposing homosexual "marriage" in Massachusetts, is constitutionally absurd and false.*

(Of these roughly half are from Massachusetts, uniquely familiar with the state Constitution and Romney's record. Most have also stated that -- based on his record -- Mitt Romney is neither "pro-life," nor a defender of parents' rights, children's rights, freedom of religion or constitutional boundaries, and is unfit for public office.)

Judge Ned Kirby (ret.), also former Assistant Minority Leader, Massachusetts Senate
Atty. Edgar Kelley, former Assistant United States Attorney, Massachusetts District
Professor Hadley Arkes, professor of jurisprudence, Amherst College (Massachusetts)
Professor Herbert Titus, former dean, Regent U. College of Law and College of Government, Co-founder, American Center for Law and Government
Professor Scott Fitzgibbon, professor of law, Boston College Law School (Massachusetts)
Professor Hugh Hewitt, Chapman University**
Professor Mary Ann Glendon, Harvard Law School, U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican**
Justice Joseph Nolan, Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts (retired)**
Atty. Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum
Dr. Scott Lively, attorney, Defend the Family International (Massachusetts)
Atty. Gary Kreep, president, United States Justice Foundation
Atty. Thomas Glessner, President, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates
Atty. Jan M. LaRue, former Chief legal counsel of Concerned Women for America (CWA), currently affiliated with Brent Bozelle's Media Research Center
Dr. Alan Keyes, Ph.D, Harvard (American constitutional theory), Reagan appointee as Ambassador to United Nations' Economic and Social Council and an Assistant Secretary of State
Atty. J. Edward Pawlick, founder, Lawyer's Weekly newspapers
Atty. 'Robert Paine,' author: "The Governor's New Clothes: How Mitt Romney Brought Same-Sex 'Marriage' To America", veteran attorney (pen name)
Dr. Ted Baehr, Chairman, Christian Film and Television Commission (Juris Doctor, New York Univ. School of Law, former editor: NY Law School Newspaper)
Atty. Larry Cirignano, former Executive Director, Catholic Vote (Massachusetts)
Atty. Owen O'Malley, (Massachusetts)
Atty. Chester Darling, (Massachusetts) former president, Citizens for Preservation of Constitutional Rights, won a rare unanimous decision before the U.S. Supreme Court)
Atty. Mat Staver, President, Liberty Counsel, Dean, Liberty U. School of Law
Atty. Matt Barber, formerly at Concerned Women for America (CWA), currently with The Liberty Counsel

Note: Charles E. Rice, Professor Emeritus of Law, Notre Dame Law School signed a letter publicly calling Romney "dishonest" for signing in a Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton-approved "major expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion" (at $50 each) after he claimed to have rediscovered his "pro-life" convictions.

The following public figures are among the many who state here (or have previously stated) that Romney's claim that he was somehow "forced" and had legal authority to bypass the Legislature, violate the marriage laws and give unconstitutional orders imposing homosexual "marriage" in Massachusetts, is constitutionally absurd and false -- and that based on his actions as governor, Mitt Romney is unfit for public office.

Joe Farah, Founder, WorldNetDaily
Paul Weyrich, Free Congress Foundation
Pat Buchanan, former White House staff, Nixon administration, author/columnist, former presidential candidate
Steve Deace, Talk radio host, WHO Radio - Iowa, author: "Without a Vision the People Perish"
Dr. William Greene, president,
Gregg Jackson, Former talk radio host, KDAR Radio - Los Angeles,WRKO - Boston author: "Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies"
Phil Lawler, editor, Catholic World News, author (Massachusetts)
Dr. Earle Fox, veteran political and social activist, author, Oxford-trained philosopher, President, Road to Emmaus School of Judeo-Christian Apologetics (
John Haskins, editor, writer, activist/strategist (Massachusetts)
Philip Magnan, President, Biblical Family Advocates
Paul Likoudis, editor, The Wanderer - a national Catholic newspaper
Randy Brinson, MD Chair, Redeem the VoteRev.
William Keller, TV host, founder
Ryan Sorba, chairman, The Young Conservatives of California, author
Randy Thomasson, Campaign for Children and Families
Stephen Strang, author, national columnist, CEO of Strang Communications
David Jeffers, author: “Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland,” columnist
Don Feder, author, syndicated conservative columnist, and political consultant (Massachusetts)

Sandy Rios, talk radio host, president, the Culture Campaign, former president, Concerned Women for America
Deal Hudson, author, former professor of philosophy, former editor Crisis magazine
Karen Testerman, Executive Director Cornerstone Policy Research
Randy Thomasson, Campaign for Children and Families
Philip Zodhiates, President, Response Unlimited.
David E. Smith, Illinois Family Institute
Joe Glover, Family Policy Network (National)
Terry Moffitt, Family Policy Network of North CarolinaMarnie Deaton, Family Policy Network of Virginia
Danny Eason, Family Policy Network of TexasMatt Chancey, Family Policy Network of Alabama
Ron Shank, Family Policy Network of Tennessee
Robert Knight, Brent Bozelle's Media Research Center, (formerly of Family Research Council and CWA, and a draftsman of the federal Defense of Marriage Act)
Dr. Chuck Baldwin, radio host, columnist, presidential nominee, Constitution Party, 2008, pastor
Troy Newman, President Operation Rescue
Rev. Stephen Bennett, Stephen Bennett Ministries
Rev. Ted Pike, National Prayer Network
Kevin McCoy, West Virginia Family Foundation
Kim Lehman, Republican National Committeewoman, Iowa
De Byerly, statewide conservative activist, Iowa
Stephen Cable, Vermont Center for American Cultural Renewal
Dr. Paul Cameron, Family Research Institute
Micah Clark, American Family Association of Indiana
Linda Harvey, Mission America
Peter LaBarbera, President, Americans for Truth
Michael Heath, Christian Civic League of Maine
Gary Glenn, American Family Association of Michigan
Michael W. Calsetta, Former President, Conservative Democratic Alliance
Bunny S. Galladora, Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Diane Gramley, American Family Association of Pennsylvania
(Countless state-level and grassroots leaders have not been listed in the interest of brevity)

Additional Massachusetts leaders familiar with Romney's record who reject him as a fraud on defense of life, marriage, constitutions and other fundamental conservative issues.

C. J. Doyle, Director, Catholic Action League
John O'Gorman, Massachusetts Citizens for Life (member of the Board of Directors)
R. T. Neary, former president, Massachusetts Citizens for Life, currently director, ProLife Massachusetts
John R. Diggs, Jr., M.D., Conservative activist, national expert on the medical risks of homosexuality
Bill Cotter, president, Operation Rescue Boston
Mark Charalambous, Spokesman, The Fatherhood Coalition
Mike O'Neil, CPF/The Fatherhood Coalition
John F. Russo, Marriage & Family - Massachusetts
Rena Havens, former director of Massachusetts Mothers Against Pedophilia
Rev. Michael Carl, President, Greenwood Institute for Christian Scholars, a think tank, pastor, columnist
Carol McKinley, co-founder, Faithful Voice, veteran activist
(note: Carla Howell, President, Center for Small Government, has comprehensively disproved Romney's claim that he is a fiscal "conservative" who strengthened the Massachusetts economy)
(Countless state-level and grassroots leaders have not been listed in the interest of brevity)

The following are among the many who have publicly called Romney "dishonest" for signing in government-subsidized $50 abortions after he claimed to have acquired "pro-life" convictions

Charles E. Rice, Professor Emeritus of Law, University of Notre Dame Law School
Jerry Zandstra, President, Pro-Life Federation
Judie Brown, president, American Life League, Virginia
David Brownlow, executive director, Life Support, Oregon
Deborah DeBacker, 9th District GOP state committeewoman, Michigan
Mark Forton, President of Michigan Conservative Union
John Geisler, President, Michigan Republican Assembly
Tom Hoefling, former chair, Idahoans for Tax Reform
Brian Kindzia, Georgians for Life
Barbara Kralis, Catholic Activist, Texas
Mary Starrett, executive director, Oregonians for Life
Judy Zabik, board member, Genesee County Republicans, Michigan

*We are able to fully document the statements about Romney and his record made by all those listed above, including in many cases, private communications put in our hands by their friends and colleagues.

**Nolan and Glendon have contradicted Romney in private to multiple parties while allowing him to lie to voters about his purported legal authority and obligation to give orders establishing homosexual "marriage." Hewitt, bizarrely enough, published a very forceful and sound legal argument calling on Romney to treat the Goodridge opinion as fraudulent and legally void -- which it obviously is, according to both the Massachusetts Constitution and the same court's previous opinions -- but like Professor Glendon, Hewitt quickly found it in his financial and career interest to flip flop and join "conservative" Atty. Jay Sekulow, Right to Life atty. James Bopp, Family Research Council's Tony Perkins and the Alliance Defense Fund in going with the political flow.

This letter was composed and released by "Conservatives For Truth" an ad hoc group including Steven Deace, Gregg Jackson, Dr. Earle Fox, Phil Magnan, and John Haskins and others (see affiliations above). Countless state-level and grassroots leaders have not been listed in the interest of brevity.

Organizations listed are for identification purposes only and do not imply that the organization itself has taken a position on a candidate.


  1. This letter does very little to demonstrate that Mitt Romney is "anti-family" or "anti-life," largely because these terms are vague and over-inclusive. Endorsing public policies that allow homosexual persons to participate equally in civic life does not mean one is "anti-marriage."

    Allowing a bill to pass that includes subsidy for abortions does not necessarily mean one is "pro-abortion," either.

    Public discourse doesn't work in black and white terms. It's not enough to say, "I'm pro-this or anti-that." The issues are much more complex when it comes to public policy that affects both us and our neighbors. There are honest, moral people discussing these issues from both sides. I neither support nor oppose Mitt Romney. But I do oppose narrow thinking and unfair name calling. We can be more thoughtful than this.


  2. I guess it is easy to rationalize when you can come up with a list of reasons to oppose someone... You are not fooling anyone though, your opposition to Romney is mostly because he is Mormon. No reasonable person apposes anyone so vehemently without a deeper, and darker driving force.
    I do not like many of the things that President Obama is doing in office, and even some of the things that Mitt Romney has done, but when your opposition to someone turns so vitriolic, it is more than just opposition.
    Seriously man, you created a website to bring down Romney! You are calling after Perkins to come off his reasonable approach to a good and honest man (Mitt). You are what give conservatives a bad name. You are one of those Far Right Wackos. I bet your a birther too. Come down from the ledge my friend and get a grip on reality.
    While Mitt is not perfect, he is the smartest man in the room. Any room he stands in. Including President Obama. Obama can't hold a candle to Mitt in accomplishment and business and leadership. I love Huckabee, and Palin, but they will never be elected if going against Obama. The country will see them as an inch deep intellectually everywhere you scratch. Fair or not.
    My advice: Calm down. Review the gravitas, character, and accomplishment of each candidate and then vote.
    Mike Huckabee is a good man, a good govenor and someone who I would definately vote for if he wins the nomination over Romney. But I just don't think this country is in a place any more to vote for a Preacher/Talk Show Host with lesser education, and no business acumen. As unfair as that may be, because I do think he would be a great president and would do a good job. Same thing with Palin. She would be good, but she will never win because some first impressions stick forever (Quayle).
    You see, you can have your favorites. You can campaign your heart out for your man or woman, but when it comes down to it...all of the candidates on both sides of the aisle are good people and well intentioned.
    Well, except for John Edwards:)
    Point is, be reasonable, and capable of seeing the good in each person. Romney is a very accomplished man. Take a step back and ask yourself: Is Mitt a good husband and father? Yes. Was he top in his class for Law and Business Degrees from Harvard? Yes. Does he live a moral life? Yes. Was he a successful business man? Yes. Incredibly so. Was he able to turn the Olympics around? Yes. Was he able to steer Massachusettes out of financial ruin? Yes.
    Do we like the $50 abortions? No. Did he push for them? No. You and Huckabee can sensationalize anything, in any way you want, but did abortions happen in Arkansas? Yes. Is it legal in our country? Yes. What can anyone do about it? Only one thing really, and that is to appoint a conservative judge to the supreme court. Every GOP candidate will do that period! It's Judges Period! Why does Huckabee have to demagogue the issue by constantly talking about the $50 abortion in Mitts health bill. A reasonable person should look at Huckabee and say, Well Mike, did Mitt propose the $50 abortion? What, no. Hmmm. Did he try to veto it and take it out of the plan? What, yes. Hmm. So, it got in because the far left Massachusettes liberals overrode his veto and put it in? So, why are you bearing false witness Mr Huckabee about the $50 abortion? Yes, Huckabee is the liar here. You know lie, or false witness is trying to make something sound true when it is not. That is exactly what you and Huckabee are doing. If you knew your facts, and trust me Huckabee does know that Mitt opposed this, and he knows that his legislature put it in but he goes around making it seem as though Romney himself thought of it and proposed it himself. That to me is dishonest. Its good politics, but still dishonest.

  3. I live in Boston, and I love what Romney stood for, both in terms of family and values. I have met Romney, and he is a very thoughtful, considerate man.

    What are you after? Why the smear?

    As Jason said above, it's easy to smear without context. A hit man doesn't negotiate, he enters, kills, and flees the scene.

    I know and have heard all of these arguments you've listed before. There are valid responses to most -- perhaps all of them. (Number eleven is just laughable.) Why is it that your voice is nascent, shrill, without fruit, and from a small dark lobbying corner of the world, while many more established, reputable, rational heads have better things to say? (For that matter, why am I replying to this?!) Your tongue is forked.

    I'd like to know *who* *you* *are*. What makes you that much better than Romney? While I wouldn't take it as far as Richard (who said "No reasonable person apposes [sic] anyone so vehemently without a deeper, and darker driving force") ( -- for instance, I strongly oppose Obama, and I think I have very justifiable concerns and reasons), I do suspect your real fear might actually stem from bigotry, no matter how soft, how peddling your tactics.

    Else why so much Romney-phobia? You'd think the guy was the terminator. Out to destroy America.

    Aren't you mistaking Romney for Obama?

  4. Romney could be mistaken for Obama. They have mostly the same goals, policies, etc. But Obama hasn't instituted gay marriage yet like Mass Murderer Romney has.

  5. jason has it exactly right. All the other commenters (Romneybots) have all failed to rebut Romney's documented far left wing record. As John Adams said, "facts are stubborn things." Indeed they are:-)